Ergoswiss Column Table Legs TA/TU/TQ/TT

ErgoSwiss column Table legs consist of a guide with integrated cylinders and a pressure hose (ø 4mm) to connect the elements. The height is adjusted using a hydraulic pump operated by a hand crank or an electric drive unit.

The 3 m long high-pressure hose is already mounted on the column and vented to ensure easy assembly.

The columns TA and TU consist of two steel tubes. The guide tube is supported on bearings. These are used when there are high load and stability requirements.

The column TQ consists of an aluminium profile and a stainless-steel tube which is mounted on slide guides. The column TT consists of two aluminium profiles which are guided in plastic gliders. The T-slots along the entire length of the column make the legs universally compatible.

Data Sheet TA

Data Sheet TU

Data Sheet TQ

Data Sheet TT