Warner K2AC Rugged Duty Actuator

Features :Rugged Duty Actuator AC Motor Acme Screw

Up tp 1,000Ibs (4893N) Rated Load

Up to 1 Min (25.4mm/sec) Travel speed

The K2 is the base model in the B-Track family. It incorporates a patented in-line load transfer design which provides high load capability for rugged-duty use, efficient power use, compact package size, excellent corrosion and washdown protection, and high performance synthetic lubrication for life, all at an affordable price.

The K2 uses a solid bronze or Delrin® nut with a rolled hybrid screw yielding high impact capability and long screw life. Heavy-duty double-ended ball bearing motors, hardened gears, O-ring seals and an extension rod bearing system that provides best in class capabilities.