Warner K2XAc Linear Actuator

Features: Rugged Duty Actuator DC Motor Ball Screw.

Up to 2,800Ibs (12455N) Rated Load

Up to 2.1in (53.34mm/sec) Travel Speed

The K2x model provides the highest load rating in its class. This model incorporates all of the base K2 features with a ball nut screw for a 2,000 lb. (8900 N) load capability within a compact package size. The K2x includes a bi-directional wrap spring brake for load holding capability. These units are well suited for the most demanding applications where an alternative to hydraulic or air cylinders is needed or where hydraulic power sources are not available.

Combining the K2x actuator with BTc control functionality results in precision actuator control at a fraction of the cost of more complicated servo actuator systems. See Controls Section for more information on BTc controls.

Data Sheet wl_b-track_k2xac