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Direct position indicator with display: HIWIN MAGIC-PG positioning measurement system

HIWIN MAGIC-PG, the contactless operating positio­ning measurement system for recording and monitoring linear movements, particularly with linear motor axes, is available from HIWIN and consists of a magnetic measuring body with stainless steel cover strip and an extremely flat scanning unit. The scanning unit can be fitted directly to a block, and the measuring scale is integrated in the guiding rail.

Thanks to having a robust housing with excellent electrical shielding and real-time signal output, HIWIN MAGIC-PG is also suitable for demanding applications such as linear motor applications. The optional PMED display can be directly connected to the measure­ment system and acts as a position indicator.

The input signal can be analogue or digital. As well as an RS232 interface, two relay outputs are also available to users. The reso­lution of the display can be set to between 1 and 10 µm. The scanning unit and the measuring body are insensitive to dust, moisture, oil and chips, and are extremely easy to attach and adjust.