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Hiwin AC Servo Drive – E1 Series

Features: Hiwin AC Servo Drive – E1 Series

The universal design, supporting AC servo motor, linear motor and direct drive motor, meets the application needs of various industries. The intelligent tuneless function can easily handle mechanism with different load changes, make the machine operate fast and stably, and effectively shorten the setup time.
The evolving auto tune function can help the machine achieve its best performance. With 3.2kHz speed bandwidth, the productivity of the stage can be greatly increased. The excellent performance of the unique gantry control function provides users a high performance and more cost-effective solution for control system.

  • 200-240VAC power input
  • Support Functional Safety: STO function
  • Support three types of pulse signal (A/B, Pulse/dir, CW/CCW) for command input
  • With two independent channels of 16-bit high-resolution analog voltage command input, suitable for velocity control mode and torque control mode
  • Support standard EtherCAT and MECHATROLINKIII high speed communication interface
  • Built-in velocity ripple compensation, vibration suppression and error compensation

Data Sheet: Hiwin Servo Drive – E1 Series


Hiwin E1 Series AC Servo Drives – high performance servo drives used for driving AC servo motors.