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Hiwin Rolled Ballscrews – FSC

Features: Rolled Ballscrews FSC

Hiwin rolled ballscrews are manufactured by a rolling (Cold forged) process. Rolled ballscrews have low friction and smooth running with accuracies of up to 0.023mm/300mm of accumulative lead error. From 6mm diameter to 80mm diameter and from 1mm pitch to 63mm pitch.


Flanged internal transfer nuts are by far the most common ballnut sold around the world with a basic top hat shape with flats on each side of the flange for easy mounting. Used on all types of machines

Data Sheet – Hiwin Rolled Ballscrews – FSC

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The major differences between a rolled and ground ballscrew are the manufacturing process, the lead error definition and geometrical tolerances. Hiwin rolled ballscrews are made through a rolling process of the screw spindle instead of a grinding process. Rolled ballscrews provide smooth movement and low friction which can be supplied quickly from stock, at a lower production cost.