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Hiwin AC Servo Drive – D1N Series

Features: Hiwin AC Servo Drive – D1N Series

Simple Operation – HMI interface provides simple settings. All standard types of motors and encoders are configurable. Setup can be completed with just one-click.
Easy Integration – HIWIN provides positioning modules, motors, in this servo drive solution. According to requirements we can integrate all that is necessary for clients ease of operation.
Complete Tool Set – There are commissioning interfaces for speed and acceleration protection settings, gain settings, and an I/O test. Plus the D1-N drive has a complete filter, frequency analysis, Bode plot, Lissajous figures and other functions which provide a complete drive control program.
Safety Function –  Safe Torque Off IEC 61508-1, IEC61508-2, ISO 13849-1 and ISO13849-2 Functional Safety Certificated. STO(Safe Torque Off) function is compliant with the international standards.
EtherCAT – The D1-N series delivers a high performance amplifier with EtherCAT interface.

Data Sheet: Hiwin AC Servo Drive – D1N


Hiwin AC Servo Drive – D1-N series high performance servo drives are used for driving linear, direct drive, and AC servo motors.